Cheap Insurance Young Drivers

Let’s face it, either you’ve just passed your driving test or new to driving and you’re raring to get into your car to drive off and try out your driving skills for real. For younger drivers that means trying to get cheap insurance young drivers, which we all know is not cheap.

Insurance companies have endured growing claims year on year from such things as car thefts and spurious personal injury claims due to auto accidents. The typical claim here is for ‘whiplash’ a neck injury incurred when the car driver meets a solid object, in this case usually another car, stationary or moving. An increasing propensity for litigation has seen annual premiums go through the roof for the last few years.

Like other types of insurance cover, the providers employ different algorithms and past statistical data that works out the risks involved, and therefore what cost or premium is to be charged.

For young drivers that news is unfortunately not very good, as statistics show that new drivers, especially the younger type, are more prone to or, at higher risk of having an auto accident. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll have a small scrape resulting in some minor damage to the car’s paintwork or bumpers. Car parks are notorious for these things to happen, as drivers try to master close quarters parking and tight spaces.

That’s not so hard to believe amongst the older, experienced drivers who after many years of driving are better drivers, or supposed to be!

The consensus amongst the auto insurance industry is pretty much the same regarding this particular younger age group, but the industry is big so shopping around could yield significant savings. Stories abound about insurance quotes that are higher than the monetary value of the car itself-a sobering thought. One begins to think that they quote so high because they don’t really want the business. Possibly, or it just reflects the higher risks as automobile accidents are high up on the list of what commonly kills or seriously injuries people between 17-25.

Traditionally it was possible to obtain cheap insurance young drivers by combining it with your parents auto cover, which listed the younger driver under an adult policy as a named driver. But finding these permutations and loopholes has got harder as the insurers try to balance their books and reduce losses.
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Finding affordable solutions is no easy matter, as even insuring a very old, normal, non-sporty car can be prohibitive to most young people’s pockets.

There’s no substitute for looking at a wide range of brokers, online and offline insurance companies in an effort to find something that’s within your budget. First year discounts and driving below an agreed mileage figure, like only 5,000 miles a year can be found.